I became a huge fan of Brian Hodge back in the 90s, particularly through his work will the Dell Abyss line but then I found all his older books as well. I was so happy to see him get some books out with CD.

Mad Dogs was a book I first heard about when he published Wild Horses; Mad Dogs was expected to be his next William Morrow book. Unfortunately, despite being excellent, Wild Horses didn't sell well and the option for Mad Dogs wasn't executed. So that meant years and years before CD finally snapped up the book. I got it right away and it's a gorgeous book and a hell of a fun and entertaining story.

THen I found out that Hodge would have another short story collection, and I've always LOVED his short fiction. CD released Picking the Bones in a gorgeous edition, and the stories were just great.

Both these books are unfortunately out of print now, but I believe they are both available in digital versions and I highly recommend them.

CD also rereleased Hodge's first book Dark Advent, which is a wonderful post-apocalyptic ride. And they gave it a stunning cover unlike the garish one from the original paperback that was not remotely representative of the story. I think you can still get copies of Dark Advent so I recommend that one too.