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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Hocker View Post
    We've been moving away from even selling the UK Trades. They're kinda hard to get a hold of in bulk and they almost always arrive in pretty poor condition.
    I was thinking more along the lines of slipcases for the older titles like you guys are thinking about doing for the U.S. editions but I also understand that you guys are in the publishing business, not the slipcase business. And I'm not sure there'd really be a market here for it as I'm sure not everyone (King fans) even collect U.K. editions. Plus the older U.S titles are probably on hand for measurements whereas the U.K.s, not so much. But you guys must be doing something right. Browsing through eBay for shits and grins; folks are asking almost double the issue price. Not sure if they are actually getting it though.
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