Black Alibi: The true first edition in dust jacket, flat-signed by Cornell Woolrich on the title page without personalization. Simon and Schuster: 1942. An Inner Sanctum Mystery!

For classic mystery and noir fans, this is one of the hardest Woolrich titles to find with the dustcover, and I've never seen a copy of this particular Woolrich book signed before!

Black Alibi (1942) was the basis for Val Lewton's 1943 The Leopard Man!

The third novel in the author's 'Black' series, and the last of his books to be published by Simon and Schuster. With plot elements borrowed from earlier pulp fiction stories, Woolrich set his third mystery novel in South America, where a black jaguar on the loose serves as an alibi for a sinister killer. Easily among the scarcest Woolrich mysteries in the original dust jacket.