Essential Ronald Kelly Collection, Volume #5: PITFALL should be available from Thunderstorm Books around the first week of May. PITFALL was my second Zebra novel and deviates from my normal Tennessee-based horror, heading to West Texas for this rollercoaster ride about demon-possessed Tasmanian Devils wreaking havoc in the desert town of Sulfur Springs.

The Thunderstorm version of PITFALL contains some cool special features: a new bonus story titled "Last of the Chupacabra" and a "Writing of" essay detailing how I came up with the idea for the novel and how I went about writing it. Also you get this incredible Alex McVey cover, which really jumps off the dust jacket and grabs you by the throat. Alex and I collaborate on all of these Essential covers. I send him my vision of what I would like the cover to be, along with a sketch or two, and he takes it from there. I believe the cover for PITFALL is a particularly striking one.

I'll give y'all a hoot and a holler when it's available to order.

Pitfall - High Res Cover.jpg