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    slayn666's Collection

    Here are the first three book shelves from my library. I probably won't take photos of everything, as I doubt anyone much cares to see the stacks of paperbacks I have scattered about .

    Lettered copies of the DRP editions of Simon Stantzas's collections, and the deluxe limited of the Pugmire/Thomas collection.

    My Jeffrey Thomas collection.

    Ligotti, more Strantzas, Barron, etc.

    My DarkFuse full-size hardcover shelf. I'm only missing Long Black Coffin and the Border Trilogy, though I'm have a deal in place for the latter. Also another copy of Deadstock, and the softcover things on top are the first issue of the now-defunct Phatasmagorium magazine and the three Felix Renn chapbooks by Ian Rogers (two copies of the third one).

    Two things:

    1) Forgive the funky angles on some photos, right now everything is crammed into my man cave and space is limited, so bookshelves end up in odd places.

    2) Forgive the horrible organization. I'm planning on getting some real bookshelves in the near future and will be able to sort everything then.
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