Alot of folks believe I've pretty much defected to the Thunderstorm Books camp (in comparison to all the other publishers I work with) and, yes, I've done alot of publishing with Paul G. during the past couple of years. What folks don't know is that I've done alot of work for Cemetery Dance under the radar. I wrote 15 or so personalized stories for CD fans through the Be A Star project (stories that may someday find publication in a CD edition titled The Secret Stories of Ronald Kelly), and I've written introductions, essays, and stories for Cemetery Dance Magazine, various anthologies, and, more recently, the Turn Down the Lights anthology.

Now it's time to for me step up and do a little more for CD in the way of some much anticipated books with my by-line on them. Here's what I have planned for this coming year, if the good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise:

WHITE LIGHTNING... BLACK MASS! / Rich and Brian invited me to contribute work for a Signature Series book a while back and due to the whole "Death-Stalks-the-Kelly-Family" episode in 2012-2013, I had to put it on the back-burner. Currently, I have half the book done. All I'll say is that it involves Tennessee mountain moonshiners versus geriatric devil worshippers with a barn-burning, cow-cooking Hell monster smack-dab in the middle. I hope to have it finished and to the folks at CD by mid-February.

A DARK & BLOOD GROUND / Ah, yes... the mythic RK novel that seemingly fell off the face of the earth. Lost in a crashed hard drive is more like it. I've had several people attempt to retrieve it and other lost files, but so far it has been a losing battle. So I've finally come to the somber and painful realization that it's never coming back... at least not through technical processes. So that leaves one alternative (and a rather dread-inducing one at that) and that is for me to sit down and rewrite the thing from memory. I hate the thought of doing that -- especially since it was three-quarters finished when my computer went down -- but I owe CD the book and I aim to deliver. I've rewritten short stories and novellas from memory before (Mojo Mama, Mister Mack & The Monster Machine, to name a few) and it is possible. It's just the thought of sitting down and redoing an entire novel that makes me procrastinate (and you know how Ol' Ron tends to procrastinate). Who knows... it may turn out much better than it was originally intended to turn out; my rewritten pieces usually do. So, yes, AD&BG will eventually see print and I think you're going to love it. I'm just glad I have such patient and understanding folks like Rich, Brian, and Mindy waiting in the wings while the Southern-fried horror train slowly and sluggishly pulls out of the station.

I have other projects I want to publish with CD in 2015 and beyond, but want to get these two in the bag before presenting more projects to Rich and the gang. All I can say is that they involve more new novels and maybe a collection or two. Maybe some Grave Tales stories (written and drawn by me). Just keep your fingers crossed, and I'll do my best to crank up some good, old-fashioned storytelling for you.