Cemetery Dance Book Club Is Back With A Twist:
This Time You Choose EVERY Selection For Yourself!

Receive 12 Great Signed Limited Edition Hardcovers For Just About $12 Each!

Fans of William Peter Blatty and Stephen King Please Take Note Because You'll Love The Two Exclusive Books!

PLUS: Membership Enrollment Is STRICTLY LIMITED This Year!

Hi Folks!

The Cemetery Dance Book Club has always been one of our most popular special offers, but for the 2014 version we've come up with an incredible new twist that will easily make this our BEST SPECIAL OFFER EVER:

Every month, YOU get to decide what book you'd like for FREE!

With the exception of the two amazing EXCLUSIVE signed Limited Editions that you'll receive automatically, this year we're letting YOU decide exactly what books you want for ten of your selections!

It's kind of a "Make Your Own Book Club" this time around — you seriously cannot go wrong because you have complete control over what you get!

This new Book Club will also feature TWO EXCLUSIVE SIGNED LIMITED EDITIONS that will be printed just for the Book Club members!

These TWO signed Limited Editions will NOT be available to the general public: no dealers, no wholesalers, no bookstores, no direct sales, no individual copy sales.

If you're a member of the Book Club, you get these two signed Limited Editions! If you're not a member, you don't get a copy! It's as simple as that.

In addition, these are two of our highest profile "Not For Sale" books ever:

The Exorcist For the 21st Century
by William Peter Blatty

Stephen King Limited
by Kevin Quigley

Note that the combined retail price of these two EXCLUSIVE signed Limited Editions is $150 -- which is more than the cost of joining the Book Club! That essentially means you get the other ten books of your choice for FREE, so there's absolutely no risk with the club!

Please Note: There's Limited Membership Enrollment Allowed This Year!

Membership enrollment in the Book Club will be capped this year for the first time ever due to certain contractual limitations and we don't expect the available slots to last long!

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