Hello together, i'm new on this Board and would like to share my Collection with you - i read this Forum for awhile, but haven't log in till today because my English is not very good (Reading is muuuch easier). Hope you are okay with my English and my writing here. In Germany, we have very few Sides for Horror Book Collectors, and the best Editions are in english, so i have started reading in English 1-2 Years in the past.
I'm 38 Years old, life in Germany and be a huge Fan of SK, Joe Hill, Jack Ketchum, Graham Masterton and many, many others. But it started all with a beaten Edition of Das Monstrum (Tommyknockers) my Father buy me from a Library (i must been 10 or 11 Years old). I have two Kids, love besides Books good Movies and I Hope on good Conversations with People who Love Vampires, Monsters and Aliens as i do. I will post Pictures of my Collection, if i can (i'm the first Time on a Board and make this).
Stay Healty and take care of you in this Times! Greetings from Germany, Raphael.