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Thread: Deciding what book to read next

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    Generally speaking, given the size of the TBR pile, I just grab whatever happens to be on the top. However at times will go through a phase of 1 particular author (at the moment in the middle of an Edward Lee stint) and will spend 5-6 books devoted to books from them.

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    Yeah, sometimes it takes me hours to pick a new book, and I'm forced to sit on the floor in front of my colorfully bound books, and try to make a decision, though sometimes its not that difficult because I'm almost out of reading material. I've read around 70 books this year. Working it around school and writing can be difficult, but it's summer now so reading only has to contend with writing.

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    For some reason, I have always found it easier to have the next book picked out before I finish the current read. If I wait until I'm done with the current read, it seems to take much longer to pick the next one. Weird, I know...

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