This Friday through Sunday, pick up your free copy of the first installment of Jay Rauld's new Returned series. EVERYONE who reviews this title will be eligible for the 2nd installment (available VERY soon), The Revelation. All you have to do is send a message with a link to your review to (just comment on the latest post). This goes for friends and friends of friends, second cousins-in-law twice removed, pet groomers, oral surgeons, traffic enforcers, congressmen and anyone else you can think of, so please pass this along to anyone who enjoys strange new horror! Here's the description:

A young woman finds herself trapped in the closet with her young child. The dead haven't found them yet, but they're close. As she prepares to make her escape she fights back the grief of a prior loss. But when the moment finally comes, it becomes apparent her world truly is not the same.

Download it here: The Closet. Only $0.99 if you just can't wait!