I thought I'd make a post about this. As of earlier this week we have decided to stop adding new titles to the Sony Reader Store. Over the past six months or so we have uploaded probably close to twenty titles to Sony's store and not a single one of them has been posted. I have attempted to contact Sony in regards to this to no avail. So instead of wasting our time adding books to the Sony store that will not make it on sale, we have decided it would just be better to just call it what it is and no longer work with Sony. The titles we currently have listed with Sony we will continue to sell and if any of the twenty or so that haven't made it to the store make it there we will sell those.

We apologize to anyone who has a Sony reader and purchases our eBooks via the Sony Reader store. However you can still purchase eBooks for your Sony Reader via our website. If you need help in doing so, just send me an email and I'd be more than happy to walk you through the process. Thank you for your continued support and making our little eBook experiment as successful as it has become.