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Thread: more rare books for sale

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    more rare books for sale - Gifune, Edward Lee, R. Malfi, Ray Garton, Wrath J. White

    Hi there,
    here are some more books I am trying to sell. Please send me a PM if you are interested in any of these. Thanks!

    Cargo Cult Press:
    "Population Zero" by Wrath James White
    "Injustice" by Steve Gerlach
    "Remains" by Michael McBride
    "Market Adjustment" by Andersen Prunty
    "The Sorrow King" by Andersen Prunty
    "The Nocturne" by Steve Gerlach
    "House of Fallen Trees" by Gina Ranalli*
    Valley of the Dead" by Kim Paffenroth
    "Sex, Death, & Honey" by Brian Knight
    "Collecting Darkness: 10 years of Delirium Books" by Larry Roberts *
    "Kutter" by Jeff Strand
    "The Resurrectionist" by Wrath James White
    "The Reaper" by Wrath James White*

    Wrath James White:
    „Succulent Prey“ (S/L HC)
    „Poisoning Eros 1&2“ (S/L HC)

    Nate Southard – Broken Skin

    Greg Gifune:
    Down to Sleep (S/L HC)
    The bleeding Season (S/L HC)
    Saying Uncle (DB, S/L)

    Ray Garton – The new neighbor (S/L, Charnel House)
    Ray Garton – Shackled
    Brian Knight – Broken Angel (DB, S/L)
    Lee Thompson – Nursery Rhymes 4 dead children (DB, S/L)
    Horrorwind, Vol. 1 (DB, HC)
    Jeff Strand - Fangboy (DB, S/L)
    Greg Gifune - Kingdom of shadows (Altar 13, HC)
    Ronald Malfi – Snow (Altar 13, HC)
    Ronald Malfi - Cradle Lake (DB, S/L)
    Bryan Smith – The dark ones (DB, S/L)
    Brian Knight – Hacks (DB, S/L)
    Michael Arnzen – Grave Markings (DB, S/L)
    Patrick Lestewka – The Preserve (Necro, HC, S/L)
    David Jack Bell – The condemned (DB, HC)
    Weston Ochse – Scarecrow Gods (DB, S/L)
    James Newman – Midnight Rain (HC, S/L)
    Jack Ketchum – Weed Species (HC/S/L)
    Edward Lee – The Ushers (HC)
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    Added some Kealan Patrick Burke titles.

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    sooo, the books are still for sale, please take a look at the list and maybe there's one or more books you might be interested in ... please let me know via PN. Thanks

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