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Thread: New Limited Edition of The Shining from Sub Press

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    Quote Originally Posted by rusty23 View Post
    Received The Shining in great condition. I did not see the problem described in the DT Forums. What a fantastic looking book!!! I'm one of those who usually reads their S/L books. I've even read the few King limiteds I have. But, I'm debating reading this one... I'd worry I'll get a fingerprint or smudge on it.
    I am glad your copy arrived in flawless condition. You need to read it though, as it will be a waste otherwise. Try using a pair of those special cotton gloves that archivists use when handling antique books, to read your copy safely. That way you won't get a fingerprint on it or smudge it.
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    I just got my dust jacket for the signed limited Shining today and it's beautiful!


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    I just got my gift and numbered editions today - absolutely gorgeous.
    The gift from the UK, the numbered from the US.
    Thank you, Paul!


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