Slipcase for the Scribner Hardcover Edition
of Duma Key by Stephen King!

Hi Folks!

We've had a lot of customers who have been thrilled with our slipcases for 11/22/63, The Wind Through the Keyhole, Under the Dome, and other recent Stephen King books who wanted to know if we could go back and produce slipcases for older King titles.

After talking it over, we've decided to give this a try! We had a sample case produced for the US hardcover edition of Duma Key by Stephen King and we're now accepting preorders for a Limited Edition run of these cases.

These slipcase will be made from our usual high quality materials and there is HOT FOIL STAMPING on the front and spine of the case. The foil we selected has special iridescent properties similar to the stamping of the original Scribner hardcover edition.

We're pre-selling these Limited Edition slipcases for just $24.95 and no additional copies will ever be produced. Due to the high cost of manufacturing these slipcases, preorders can only be accepted until September 30, 2012. After that, we'll place our final order with the manufacturer.

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