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    Saturday Yardsales

    Just got back from the Saturday yardsales. Irene and I found a nice Estate sale. I came home with a good handful of books. They were going for a dollar each. Interesting titles.
    1. The Tao of Chaos. Wolinsky
    2. The Story of Mysticism. Graef
    3. Mysticism Examined. Jones
    4. The Gnostic Bible. Shambhala Press
    5. Bells Magic Book. Page
    6. The Seret societies of all Ages & Countries. Heckethorn
    7. Dunninger's Complete Encyclopedia of Magic.
    8. The Amateur Magician's Handbook. Henry Hay

    On occasion I find something valuable, but I always find something interesting. I just love rummaging through other peoples books. Being able to bring a few home is just a bonus. By the way, Irene found a few garden items. Have a great weekend everybody. Stop by and see me on Librarything if you get a chance, I'm listed as mhatchett.
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