Pub. Date: Late April / Early May 2011
Status: At the Printer Now!

Cemetery Dance magazine issue #61 Deluxe Signed Limited Edition Hardcover "Magazine"

Cemetery Dance #61 marked the triumphant return of our "Special Issues" while introducing the brand new look and feel of the revamped magazine. In addition to a short story and a novel excerpt by Peter Straub, this issue also included a novelette by Stewart O'Nan and Part One of "The Innocents at the Museum of Antiquities" by Douglas Clegg, along with "A Long Interview with Peter Straub" by Mathias Clasen and "The Peter Principles, Or Nearly Two Dozen Things You Need To Know About Peter Straub" by Hank Wagner.

These collectible books will be Smyth sewn and printed on the same interior paper stock as our normal signed Limited Editions so they'll hold up better than the regular version of the magazine you see on the newsstand. This extremely affordable hardcover will also feature a full-color reproduction of the magazine's front cover right on the binding, a beautiful special endpaper, and each copy will be signed by the editor on a unique Limitation Sheet featuring gorgeous COLOR artwork by Glenn Chadbourne created just for this special edition!

Published in Two States:
Limited Edition Smyth sewn hardcover signed by the editor, limited 346 copies, the number of copies purchased during the promotional sales window ($40)
Traycased Lettered Edition Smyth sewn hardcover, signed by the editor, with a satin ribbon page marker, limited 23 copies, the number of copies purchased during the promotional sales window ($175)

Sorry, but:
We cannot accept coupons or gift certificates or other discounts for this item due to the limited nature of the promotion.
We won't be able to offer our normal dealer discounts on this item due to the low print run, but dealers can order copies at full price if they want.
As always, Hardcover Magazines are not included in any Lifetime Subscription or Book Membership.
Limit three copies per person.

Production Status:
At the printer now with a late April or early May publication date scheduled.