Ok so in celebration of our forums first birthday, I'm going to hold a trivia contest. The contest will consist of 10 questions and 1 bonus / tie breaker question. To enter you will need to email me at danhocker@cemeterydance.com with the subject line of "CD Birthday Trivia Contest" please make sure to use that exact subject line (quotes not needed). Any entries I receive that doesn't match that will be ignored. Prizes will be handed out in order from most questions answered correctly to least. In the event of a tie, whoever sent their email with the answers first will receive the higher prize.

Here are the prizes:

1st Place: Slipcased copy of October Dreams - Amanda - 9+1 on 4/25 @11:51 PM
2nd Place: Slipcased copy of Taverns of the Dead - Squire - 9 on 4/25 @4:22 PM
3rd Place: Slipcased copy of Mondo Zombie - Don - 9 on 4/25 @10:28
4th Place: Slipcased copy of The Mailman - Brian S. - 9 on 4/26 @ 4:52 AM
5th Place: The Mailman - Rusty - 9 on 4/30 @3:13 PM
6th Place: Limited Edition copy of The Dropper - Jason - 8+1 on 4/26 @8:08 AM
7th Place: Trade Hardcover copy of The Dropper - Lou - 8+1 on 4/26 @1:49 PM
8th Place: Assorted ARC - James B. - 8+1 on 4/26 @5:32 PM
9th Place: Assorted ARC - Chase - 8+1 on 4/26 @7:33 PM
10th Place: Assorted ARC - Greg - 8+1 on 4/29 @2:21

The contest will run for one week. Good luck, the trivia questions are below. Remember, this is a contest so don't discuss the questions / awnsers publicly.

1) What college was Richard Chizmar attending when he created Cemetery Dance magazine? University of Maryland

2) When was the first issue of Cemetery Dance magazine published?1988

3) What was the first book published by the Cemetery Dance book imprint? Prisoners & Other Stories by Ed Gorman

4) What was the tenth book we published? Night Shapes by William F. Nolan or Strange Highways by Dean Koontz

5) What issue of the magazine featured "Chattery Teeth" by Stephen King?#14

6) What was first Dean Koontz Limited Edition we published?Strange Highways by Dean Koontz

7) What year did Cemetery Dance Publications move to our current office?2002

8) How many books did we publish in 2010?35

9) Which author have we published the most books by? (Books written or co-written by the author; magazine and anthology appearances not included.)Ray Garton or Richard Laymon

10) Which author has had the most short stories published in Cemetery Dance magazine?Ed Gorman

Bonus / Tiebreaker: What is Richard's favorite book?
IT by Stephen King or Boy's Life by Robert McCammon