The Friday the 13th Forthcoming Misfit Grab Bag!
Our First Ever Forthcoming "Dinged" Grab Bag!
Great Books for Readers Who Just Want a Good Read At A Huge Savings!
Save At Least 75% Off The Retail Price!

Hi Folks!

We've put together another new Cemetery Dance Grab Bag meant for the general reader! This a great new (and inexpensive!) "Misfit Grab Bag" that will feature books from our "dinged or imperfect" shelves! These are terrific reading copies and are generally in very good shape (many readers wouldn't even notice anything was wrong with most of them!), but for various reasons explained below, we can't sell them as "new" copies!

With this amazing deal we'll be sending you a package with a combined original retail value of AT LEAST $160! Some of types of items we're using include:

  • Signed Limited Editions from the "Dinged Shelf" -- meaning a retailer banged up the corners, crinkled the dust jacket, etc, and then returned it. These are GREAT reading copies and are completely intact, including the signed signature page, but they'll never pass as "new" again!
  • Limited Edition hardcovers missing the "signature sheet" -- these books are exactly the same as the signed Limited Edition but the printer didn't put the signature page at the front!
  • $75 Limited Editions missing the slipcase and/or signature sheet -- like the previous entry, only with an oversized trimsize and no slipcase or signature sheet!
  • signed Limited Editions and Trade Editions from other publishers that we can't sell as new for the same reasons listed above!
  • magazines and chapbooks and maybe even a few surprises like some brand new audiobooks we have left over from last year!

You won't get all of those different types of items, but we think you'll be pleased with what you get. And if you've never purchased any kind of Grab Bag before, you're in for a treat! We always hear back from customers who are extremely pleased that they took a chance on this random assortment of items -- it's a fantastic way to build your collection! And with this deal, who knows what kind of cool collectibles you'll end up with!

These Misfit Grab Bags will be shipping in batches over the next seven weeks and we're selling them for just $39 plus shipping -- but if you're interested in taking advantage of this offer, you'd better hurry because our Grab Bags don't last long!

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