My short story, The 5000 Fingers of Bob is free today on Kindle. Stop by and grab a copy!

Five men decide to kill a boy one summer. But the boy is much more than he seems. Slow and a giant, but there is something nefarious, something terrible just underneath the surface of his vacant eyes. When their plan springs into action they will discover that the trouble they've stumbled into has a cost attached the whole town will have to pay.

I must confess to hesitancy when I first read the blurb: a group of guys plotting to injure a mentally challenged man? I suspected bullying at minimum, painful stomach-churning violence at worst. But because I like and admire author Gerald Rice-he certainly knows how to entice readers-I picked up the book anyway-and guess what? Enraptured! Love it! First-page-hooked!

Gerald Rice deals it out-again! And better than ever, if possible. Do not miss this story! This book truly has it all: well-defined historical setting, deep-drawn characterisations, poetic description, plotting, Supernatural forces, high level emotions-it's as if both the author and the reader are standing on the sidelines, witnessing all the events!

Shivers and chills! Reading this is akin to living the story-and I have seldom been so frightened. This one will stick in the mind for a very long time-worth rereading, but I'll make sure to read it again in the daytime. No way would I read this story alone at night. This is the second story I've read today which has put me in mind of Peter Straub's classic novel "Ghost Story." In this case it is because of both the tautly-knit friendships of the five men, enduring even to and beyond death; and of the unstoppable Supernatural entity which means to overwhelm all their puny human efforts. - Amazon Review