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Thread: Dark Shadows

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    Hell, I wish they'd've left Thunderbirds alone, but that didn't stop them from trashing that bit of my childhood.
    "I'm a vegan. "

    ---Kirby Bliss Blanton , The Green Inferno (2013)

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    This movie is a clunker, boring beyond belief. My wife and I were exchanging glances about half way through. Tim Burton is one of my fav directors but this is his worst movie in my opinion. His sets are usually so much fun and the camera work top notch. Its neither fun, nor intriguing. There are scenes here and there but not enough to make it worth going to the theater for.
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    I thought it was ok. I never saw the show or even knew of its existence beforehand so I can't make any comments regarding that. It definitely wasn't Depp/Burton's best work.

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    Like Joe said, I also can't make any comparisons but I certainly did enjoy it. Definitely not boring as someone previously stated. Parts of it I found a bit much but that was more toward the end.


    But I went with it and still enjoyed it. I just enjoy watching Johnny Depp. Something about the way he talking and his manuerisms? I can't spell that one. Anyway I thought it was good.

    7/10 for me.

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    Johnny Depp and Timothy Burton need a professional divorce.

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