Three New Cemetery Dance Signature Series Books Already SELLING OUT!
Special Discounted "Three Pack" Available For A Limited Time Only!
Plus: FREE US SHIPPING For The Next Two Weeks or While Supplies Last!

Hi Folks!

Today we're very pleased to announce three new titles in the acclaimed Cemetery Dance Signature Series, which is always a big fan favorite among our collectors! In fact, due to advance sales to our long-time Signature Series collectors, these books are already between 66% and 75% sold out, and that number just keeps climbing every hour! These new books are:

Dueling Minds edited by Brian James Freeman, the first ever anthology in the series, featuring stories by Brian Keene, Gary A. Braunbeck, Tom Piccirilli, Tim Lebbon, Jenny Orosel, and Gerard Houarner and artwork by Alan M. Clark and Erin S. Wells -- and this Limited Edition is a huge bargain because it is SIGNED by all of the contributors!

Homestead by James A. Moore featuring artwork by Alex McVey

Tyler's Third Act by Mick Garris featuring artwork by William Stout

Based on previous books in the series, we expect these books to sell very quickly, but to help our collectors while the economy is still on the rebound, we're also going to offer a brand new special offer for these three books: a Signature Series Discounted Three Pack!

With this limited time only special offer, not only will you guarantee yourself a copy of the signed Limited Editions of Dueling Minds edited by Brian James Freeman, Homestead by James A. Moore, and Tyler's Third Act by Mick Garris, but you'll also save $26 off the retail price!

In addition, you STILL qualify for FREE US SHIPPING on your order, which makes this an even better deal!

Please Note: If you want the books to have matching numbers, or if you need the numbers for this set to match the books in the series you already own, please REPLY to your order confirmation and let Mindy know what that number is. She will do her very best to secure your number for you. Numbers are secured on a first come, first served basis.

No coupons or other discounts can be applied to the Three Pack special offer.

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