I'm starting a fund-raising project to raise money for my daughter Reilly's People-to-People Student Ambassador trip to Europe this summer and wanted to give folks here at the CD forum a head's up, before I get the ball rolling full-force.

I've written a short-short story called "Beneath the Bed", which I'm planning on printing on heavy-grade paper (suitable for framing!) and using it as an incentive to garner modest $10 donations (plus $3 for postage). This story would be limited to 250 copies, and would be signed, dated, and numbered by myself. Also I will be embellishing the page with some genuine Ron Kelly artwork. This story will be published one time and one time only for this fund-raising project. After that, it will be permanently retired and, hopefully, make the story something of a collector's item.

The response to this fund-raiser has already been phenomenal, so copies are going fast.

If you're interested, you can contact me at dixiedarkun@yahoo.com and I'll be happy to fix you up.

Thank you!