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  1. Various Books for Sale - Stephen King, Joe Hill, Ronald Kelly, Tim Lebbon

    I have a large collection of Cemetery Dance books for sale on ebay, and have some that are not listed. I am based in the UK so it is a great chance for anyone in the UK or Europe to pick up these...
  2. Stephen King proof and traycased, Ray Garton Lettered and more on ebay

    HI all,
    I've been having a clear out due to our house move and have quite a few Cemetery Dance books up for sale including an advanced uncorrected proof of Stephen King's Blockade Billy, the artist...
  3. Signed Out Of Print books on Ebay until 8th December - UK Sale

    Hi, Just a quick note to say i have a number of books up for sale on ebay including Gideon's Sword, Ray Garton's Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth and Death Hunt on Ervoon, Norman Partridge's Four Arms...
  4. Remarqued Secretary of Dreams, Signed Exorcist, In Laymon's Terms on Ebay

    Hi all.

    I have just been listing a number of rare Cemetery Dance books on eBay. I have posted the links below and if you have any questions or would like to make a serious offer for a private...
  5. Simon Clark and Ronald Kelly Lettered Editions

    Just a quick post to say I'm in the middle of making a bit of room in my shelves and there are some very low lettered Simon Clark books and Midnight Grinding by Ronald Kelly up for sale on ebay at a...
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    Some great bargains to be had here. Lots of books...

    Some great bargains to be had here. Lots of books with no bids and all with really low starting prices. Ending in 2 days.
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    Lots of rare books on eBay auctions

    Once again there are a lot of books in my eBay shop for say. I'm in the middle of setting up my new business and need a cash boost and also some more space so it is time to get rid of a lot of the...
  8. The Passage, Gideon's Sword and more for sale on ebay

    Ok, the last books (for now) that I am selling are on ebay. The links are below.

    The Passage

    Gideon's Sword

    Picking The Bones

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    Deluxe Edition of The Strain for Sale

    Just thought i would post this here. Once again I am clearing out some of the limited edition books from my collection to fund some other projects and the cost of marketing my own new book. I also...
  10. Stephen King Traycased IT, Secretary of Dreams and others for Sale

    Due to a couple of reasons - including but not limited to needing the money for some other obsessions and a lack of space - I am selling a number of books and thought I would offer them to CD...
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    Another one is up for sale here ...

    Another one is up for sale here
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    I do have a new copy of the CD edition of The...

    I do have a new copy of the CD edition of The Mailman that i'm probably going to sell. I'm assuming you probably have it though :)
  13. The Passage and Full Dark No Stars Remarques

    Hi all,

    I've got two brilliant books for sale from my collection both of which are remarqued by the artists. I was thinking about putting these straight up on ebay, but thought I would give...
  14. Thread: Networking

    by ashkent7

    Twitter : Facebook :...

    Twitter :
    Facebook :!/pages/Anthony-Lund/26550752697
    Author Website :
    Other Website :...
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    Grim Reaping and more

    Well last week I finished the first draft of Grim Reaping, which I started working on about 2 years ago. It is a comedy horror which at times gets a little far-fetched. As I worked on the first...
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    Poll: Seconded. In the end if you write, you do it for...

    Seconded. In the end if you write, you do it for the love of writing. Coming first would always be a bonus, but coming second or third or fourth, fifth, six still makes you smile that someone read...
  17. Stephen King Secretary, BIlly and Proof, & Norman Partridge for sale

    As promised after the auction for The Painted Darkness, I've got some more great books for sale with even more on the way soon. Basically I have a few books that I can either keep hidden away as I...
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    Poll: Wow, second place with an old odd story. I'll...

    Wow, second place with an old odd story. I'll settle for that if this is how it ends.
  19. For Sale - The Painted Darkness Limited double signed No.521

    We are just in the middle of sorting out for a house move (when we finally sell the house) and I noticed that I have a few duplicate copies of some Cemetery Dance titles.

    I will be selling more...
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    Which King character are you?

    Since I started reading King's books when I was twelve, I frequently used to go through phases of wondering what it would be like to be certain characters from his work.

    I'm sure that Roland will...
  21. Definitely one of the better films to have come...

    Definitely one of the better films to have come from a King story - but what else would you expect from Darabont - the man seems to turn everything he touches to gold as far as supernatural/horror...
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