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    Thanks Craig! Took me a while to get them just the right story they were looking for. Congrats on your stories coming out, as well. Revenge of the Zombie Pussy Eaters sounds bloody hysterical. (Pun definitely intended)


      Wow, Nik - Weird Tales? That's awesome. I've been trying to get in there for years.

      Pimping. Where to start?

      My debut novel came out last year, it's called Transubstantiate.


      I had a story "Stillness" in Shivers VI right here at CD with Stephen King, Peter Straub and many other great voices.
      (and yes, I asked Dan if it was still okay to enter the contest, he said yes).

      Shivers VI

      I had a story in Murky Depths #15 as well, "Victimized". MD is a graphic format magazine in the UK, very cool, just won the British Fantasy Award. I re-released the extended version at 8000 words as an eStory at Amazon, B&N, etc.

      I also won a contest at ChiZine back in 2009 for my story "Maker of Flight" that was based on the novel Filaria.

      Those are the big credits. Over the past five years I've had over 50 stories published online and in print, including the above as well as PANK, Pear Noir! (nominated for a Pushcart), Word Riot, Opium, 3:AM Magazine, Dogmatika, and Vain.

      For 2011, I've had some stories go up (or will release soon) at Crime Factory, StepAway, Metazen, Dirty Noir, Rotten Leaves, Shotgun Honey, Blink-ink and I'll be in several anthologies out soon, including Speedloader (Snubnose Press/Spinetingler), Warmed and Bound (with Brian Evenson, Paul Tremblay, Craig Davidson, Craig Clevenger, Stephen Graham Jones and many more), and several untitled TBA.

      If you want to keep up with my work go to, all of my FREE online stuff can be found here.
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        Wow, you folks are way ahead of me. I just have a few flash stories published via NECON EBooks.

        Very well done, everyone.


          I'll be in Shroud, issue #12. I'm very proud of that. I did submissions at SNM Horror magazine for a while, but left for personal reasons. I won their January Author Showcase with my story, Nothingness. I've also won 3rd there before, and been published 4 times. Shameless promotion done.

          Love the magazine, Nik. Congratulations.

          Dark Moon Digest is great, and so is Stan. Jealous of all your writing doing so well, Caren. Great work.

          Wow, Richard, you have a great resume. Congratulations on all the hard work. Jealous of you, too.

          My first novel is finished and I am hoping to get an agent soon, then try to be noticed by Cemetery Dance. It is being reviewed by Horror News Net as we speak.
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            Awesome, Draven. Shroud is ANOTHER one I've been trying to get into. Congrats.


              Ya it is. I have something out for them, but am afraid to say to much as it might jinx me LOL. You know these things come in 3's, and granted I have a lot out on submit, but...brrrr....I just got a chill.
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                Holy crap, Richard, fifty stories? DAMN. Congrats especially on publishing the novel, and being in Shivers IV. Well bloody done.

                And Draven, congrats on finishing the novel! EXCELLENT! Long form obviously presents a whole new gauntlet of challenges- not just getting published, but in the writing.


                  TY Nik. Same congratulations go to you.


                    Looks like we have quite the collection of credits on here! I've had a ton of luck with Dark Moon Digest, but I have yet to submit to these other places, besides making 3rd place in SNM for May-I recognize ALL the publications though! Good job and good luck to all of you! And I'm still pissed you all know how to post the pics and I don't! LOL!


                      Use the little picture of the tree at the top of the box and enter the link and you'll get it....but facebook pics don't work
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                        My first accepted short story, "A Promise Not Kept", will be published by Library of Horror Press in an anothology called Ghostoloy: Hauntings from the Library. I wish I could tell you when this will be out, but they are so far behind schedule with a million other projects I'll be lucky to see this next year. My second story acceptance actually came this past weekend from Pill Hill Press for an anthology called The Big Book of New Short Horror. The story is titled "With Many Thanks to Newark", and will be out in September.

                        As for longer works, I'm finishing up the 3rd draft edits on my first novel titled "The Betrayed", and hope to have it completely finished my summer's end.

                        I'll also be reading at Horrorfind this year (Sunday afternoon) alongside Kevin Lucia and my good buddy Robert Ford.

                        This is turning out to be the best year of my life!


                          Gratz Wesley. I did the cover artwork for that one. And I would have to agree with your last line for sure.

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                            That will teach the wife for hushing me when I have a camera in hand LOL.
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                              I tried-but my pics are on my harddrive and I guess I don't know how to link the actual pics on amazon!


                                Ah, throw them up on flickr or on your website/blog, something like that. Then use that link. They can't be uploaded, have to be linked. And you can get creative I think...let me see if I can do one...
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