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Need help identifying song

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    Need help identifying song

    This is bugging me, and I hope someone may know the answer.

    I was in a retail store the other day and heard a Christmas tune. Very difficult to get some lyrics. Best I can do: you and me, outside, and maybe "this time". I don't think it had "time of year" in it, and maybe the "this" wasn't in it, but I thought I heard at least time. But whatever it was, I believe that was a refrain in the song, said a few times.

    Here's the biggest thing about the song: it sounded to me like it could have been 1960s British rock/pop, but I think it was a recent tune (and I don't necessarily think the singer had an accent, although it's possible). I could be wrong of course, I know nothing about the song. Another notable element: I'm not sure what the instrument was, but it was playing some main chord hooks and it sounded different than a guitar...I keep thinking sitar, but it may have been some other unique string instrument.

    Anyway, if anyone has any idea or knows a musically-knowledgeable person, maybe someone in the radio industry, please let me know. Wish I could give more clues...I guess the stressed point should be it could have been heavily influenced by the Beatles. Fast-paced and cool, I thought, very pop-oriented, but probably not of the bubblegum variety...I love bubblegum pop too, but this was pop that was a bit more sophisticated in arrangement. Anyway, thanks for any help...

    Just taking a guess:


    I'm the Caretaker of Room 217. I've always been the Caretaker of Room 217.


      Disappointed that that wasn't a rickroll . . .


        My apologies for taking so long to reply. Actually thought I had written out a response, but I see I have not.

        Thank you for pointing out this possibility; alas, it was not the song. I do appreciate it though and will continue the search.

        I laughed at the rick-roll comment! That would have been hilarious!