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    Gonna watch it right now. Screw raking leaves.
    Thanks again, Sockster, and I'll let you know my thoughts on er soon.
    Peace !


      On Monday, the wife and I went to a free preview of 1917 (which technically doesn't open until Christmas Day in limited release.)

      Not technically based on a true story, it is based on stories that Sam Mendes's grandfather told him.

      I'm not a reviewer by any means, but I really liked this one. I really loved however they made it appear to be two separate continuous takes. Even my wife commented on it and she's not normally one to notice the technical stuff happening in films.

      We also watched on Hulu two films I heard about this year but never got to the theater to see - Fast Color, and Booksmart. Thoroughly enjoyed both and recommend them to anyone looking for, in the case of Fast Color, a very non-traditional super hero story, and for Booksmart, just some clever and fun 90 minutes.

      Next up will be The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi on the 24th before our 8am showing of Rise of Skywalker. Speaking of Star Wars, I'm currently in the middle of reading Brian Jay Jones's George Lucas biography. Not learning a lot of new things, it's still a really interesting read especially with the politicing Lucas went through personally and professionally trying to get Star Wars made.


        I saw Rise of Skywalker last night. I really enjoyed it. It was an appropriate ending to this trilogy and the "Skywalker Saga" as a whole. I will say though that if you're someone who didn't like 7 and 8 very much that you probably won't like 9 either. Though it does resolve some the problems people had with 8. As always when I left the theater I can't wait for more Star Wars, whatever that happens to be.
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          Originally posted by Dan Hocker View Post
          I saw Rise of Skywalker last night. I really enjoyed it. It was an appropriate ending to this trilogy and the "Skywalker Saga" as a whole. I will say though that if you're someone who didn't like 7 and 8 very much that you probably won't like 9 either. Though it does resolve some the problems people had with 8. As always when I left the theater I can't wait for more Star Wars, whatever that happens to be.
          I'm seeing it tonight. I can't wait!


            Sock-a bye baby ! One what fun it was to ride ! How did you stumble across that fun little ditty, anyway. At the start I was all Oh, Socky Socky, no no no....then I tooled along, went Oh no WONER ! Wonky, funny-as-hell, full of nifty ( NIFTY ?!?!) little surprises. Thanks, man.

            Ok guys, here is one, may be terrific. I have not viewed in yet, sorry 'bout day. However, it is helmed by Richard Shepard who directed Jude Law's brutally brilliant must-see performance in Dom Hemingway Got a tad over-the-top acting-wise,
            spittle-a slingin'--
            ---but I would still grade it an A-

            Fim in question: The Perfection



            Another one needs watching, fellas: In Order of Disappearance (2014)

            Watched ( after slipping The Yell Machine shut-up pills crushed into her ice-cream) the gem The Limey as it's been years with only one viewing under my chubby belly. Highly recommended ! Stamp is unreal. The heave ho off the swimming pool railing is a classic scene,one that makes you chuckle...
            ...then go That wasn't every nice. As far as revenge films nothing ( thinking right offhand) will beat The Horseman ( A+) but The Limey, though some will think moves too slow, be hot on it's heels imho. A-

            Started watching Hell House LLC ( fuckever LLC stands for), remembered I had seen this shocker, creepfest of a MOTHERfucker film before. Best to watch on PC when you can pausepausepause, see how close the "puppets" are getting before you fill you Nike's with the brown stuff. Outstanding film. Up there with The Houses October Built

            Lesse. Rewinding my dain...

            Adam Sandler in Uncut Gems. Wow. Brilliant Work.

            Leaving D.C. Odd little mother grabber. Silent, eerie, boring yet left me pondering it for an hour or so.

            Reminded me a smidgen of the scary- as -hell Dawning. A- for the latter. Highly recommended and I'd be curious if a viewer really really got how the director/editor pulled this off, manipulated his viewers simply with words spoken but not seen uttered, ratcheted up with the family's own issues, alcoholism, few other problems then spinning it into a free-for-all tale that is incredibly chilling. Proves less seen the better.

            Then you get/need to check out a chess based, mental illness plotted film ( one of my top ten films of all time and if I repeat myself a lot--sorrrrry !) called THE DARK HORSE and I , right off,understood a viewer must always look into mirrors when watching; when our spun out hero is near one and see, there I went, repeating my dementia riddled ass. I think I have told you guys this already ! SHIT !

            OK, time's up.

            Thanks for listening.
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              Back again to tell you guys about a few rippin good flicks.

              Socky, and I quote, said:
              There are some movies that are such a pure delight that it's like a sunshine being cast down to bring joy to the world.

              Well I stumbled upon Survive Style 5+ ,those crazy Japanese holy crap what a ray of frantic wonder, humor, gore, joy, and sorrow. I don't see how they did it. Starts out with a hit man hired to kill a man's wife yet....she won't stay dead;she keeps coming back !She even cooked him an enormous breakfast, 20 eggs, talking, roast, ribs, salads, massive bowl of shrimp fried rice talking Vegas Buffet, the stunned hit man finishes in a flurry of speed eating, lights a cigs, reached for his coffee cup which not-so-dead gal takes, lovingly, puts five teaspoons of sugar in it, stirs slowly, he downs it, kicks back, sees her on the table where she kicks his chin so hard he went flying 20 feet, then she beats the fuck out of him--he kills, buries, she comes back and meanwhile we got three punks robbing houses in a VW van, an arrogant hypnotist who's live shows are a riot of wonky japanese humor---he pulls his chest hair out and flings it to the screaming crowd.
              So he picks an average working man out of the audience with loving wife, son, teenage daughter. Hypno's into the guy thinking he's a bird. It worked....then comes, on stage in front of bout a thousand people in for the show, Vinnie-fucking -Jones who was hired by the hypnotist's girl fuck toy who thinks up commercials ( and WHAT commercials they are !). He made fun of her so she hired Vinnie and had him killed. On stage. But the poor fuck still think he's a bird....Meanwhile we're on our 5...6? try for this hitman to kill this woman ( who is so so smokin' hot) but she will. Not. Die. Can you guess why?

              I highly recommend this film. It is so much fun and all people in the movie are connected in some way. Good movie to watch twice. Plus it is hysterical, like a roller coaster ride of mega twists and deep drops.

              But yes, please remember, this is a japanese film and you may go How idiotic ! Dammit Tyree ! I want my time back and my money !

              2018. How did The Perfection slip past me. Huh ? Just wow. What a film. I urge slipping a tad of Vodka in your kids Cherry Coke and watch this amazing movie.

              Last: Eli Took me where I least expected it to. Very high rating from me. All of them deserve A-ish marks.
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                Tyree, glad you liked One Cut of the Dead!

                Survive Style 5+ sounds bonkers. I’m putting it on my list to track down. I also enjoyed The Perfection, but it took awhile for it to simmer in my brain for me to really like it. It helps once you realize the Director was trying to make a movie in the vein of a South Korean revenge flick akin to Oldboy.

                How did Hounds of Love turn out. Recently picked it up on Blu-ray but haven’t had a chance to sit down with it.


                  Oh right. Hounds of Love Shit. Sorry man, I forgot to finish it. Now I can't even remember fuck all about it. Really sorry-I am a worthless idiot when I have to take a benzoid, Sockster. Where's my wallet...

                  But ! You have got to see Crown Vic. It ain't no Training Day but it is a great cop flick, man. Plus, Crown Vic's, one of the best cars Ford made, deputies love em...
                  Paraphrasing the seasoned, cynical cop: People sleep safe and snug in their beds because they know there are men like us out here doing violence on they're behalf...and they hate us for it.
                  Great great line.
                  Highly recommended. Better than Evenhand...
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                    Oh Sock Monkey, I meant to tell you, you know your shit. Yea, The Perfection looked nearly identical
                    in my humble opinion, to a Miike film. I know he didn't direct Old Boy but it has an asian feel to it.

                    Watched a slow, slow burn of a movie that by the end you are nearly bonkers as much as the actress Tianna Nori who killed it in The Sublet. Now there is really nothing new. However, the camera work and directing will have you claustrophobic, feeling you missed something and it bothers you, and the stairs looks like a MC Escher nightmare. Plus, like I said, Nori is amazing. Some will find this boring. I didn't. You pretty much know how this film will end but all the same it is shocking and tragic because you really feel for Nori's character who drinks a ton of coffee but the sugar was left there when they arrived. I'm going STOP USING THAT SUGAR, GIRL !
                    There is also a mindfuck of a scene where two cops barge in saying they need to question here about a missing person case. She goes who's missing. They say her name. She loses it, yelling at the cops I'm right HERE ! then one cops says your family claims they haven't heard from you in a month. She says I called me sister yesterday...
                    ...but did she ? She also has a year old baby who is vital to the film, also her fiance is an asshole actor.
                    Furniture gets moved back to where it was after she moved it the way she wanted it, she scratched the floor, then ran to her crying baby hitting a chair with her leg which left a cut. This reminded me of Burnt Offerings a bit as the place seems alive, toss in Rosemary's Baby maybe...
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                      Originally posted by tyree View Post
                      Oh Sock Monkey, I meant to tell you, you know your shit. Yea, The Perfection looked nearly identical
                      in my humble opinion, to a Miike film. I know he didn't direct Old Boy but it has an asian feel to it.
                      As far as director inspiration, Miike hits the nail on the head. The levels of violence in The Perfection definitely owe a nod of the cap to Mr. Miike. Speaking of Miike, I need to track down his newest, First Love. I've heard good things.


                        God I love you Socky. Had no idea Miike had a new one. First Love is it ? Cool. See if it's streaming or if my raise your bill higher then knock off channels you have been paying for for years Charter. For no reason. I need to call. Screaming, righteous indignation spittle flying, it actually works ! Get a new offer.

                        Also, be nice if you'd be able to attend, hell be nice if I could join you, for next year's festival. We'd have fun, kick the wives loose for a bit. Maybe see a concert at that bike shop too, get a break from film watching. Plus my wife could talk the balls off a rhino---they'd have fun...

                        Okay. First I would like to tell you guys I relived a viewing of one of Christopher Walken's best films: Suicide Kings, from '97 I believe. Man I had forgot how great this film was. Pitch perfect ensemble cast, Leary was hysterical with his stingray boots, the kid from Roseanne I've always felt was totally underrated. I saw him in a film where he played a psycho ? Man he was brilliant. Johnny Gilaki ? Sorry about the spelling. Anyway, I am sure you all have seen this but if'n you have not ? Oh please see it. It is so much fun. Walken spends 80% of the film tied to a chair, all he used was his facial expressions and he was so spot on about the kidnappers near the end...or was he ...?

                        The Redeeming. Only half-ass decent thing about this film, about a woman alone in a storm who answers the door to a 19-year old kid, was it had me fooled. Other than that, skip.

                        The Boys 1998 Australia

                        Brett Sprague is a violent and psychopathic man, who is released on parole after serving a sentence for assault. As he returns to his family house and we watch him and his brothers, Stevie and Glenn, for the next 24 hours, it becomes clear this day will not end well.


                        Also of note on this ripping, helluva brutal, realistic, excellent Aussie offering is one IMDB reviewer said it's the best Aussy film along with Chopper and The Club.
                        And apologies for another not-so-new comment on a film. I had never heard of it and it looked terrific. Kind of like the daddy of 2010's stunning Animal Kingdom.
                        Getting back to the Chopper and The Club films I do believe I have seen Chopper. In fact, I think it is in an external hard drive and may watch it again. Hang on a sec. gang, lemme see if I can find The Club's imdb as I have no clue about this one.
                        Ah ! A Bruce Beresford film, from 1980. Man could kick out some gems.

                        Needless to say, The Boys , if you have not already, needs to be seen. Highly recommended.

                        Now here is a real find in my humble opinion: Home With A View Of The Monster
                        Great little title and a gem of a film. Finally an original, well directed, edited,( editing was key to this film), and even some rare hinky sound issues couldn't take away the fact this was a hoot. Nice surprises, zigged when you thought it would zag. Just a real pleasure to partake of.


                        "Dennis and Rita arrive home to a series of mysterious events."

                        Couldn't have said it better ! Really, I do not wish to spoil anything and I know most of us love going into a movie blind. Hell, I do that with books sometimes if it's a new writer. How I found Gillian Flynn and that killer blurb from
                        Mr. Stephen King sealed the deal. Had no clue what Sharp Objects was about. One of my favorite books but I digress...

                        1917. Meh. I like Mendes a lot but I really cannot see what all the hoopla is all about for another, pretty much, Saving Private Ryan. Men trying to survive incredible bouts of heroism and horror to deliver a message. Instead of You're coming home, Son, it's don't bloody DO IT! I mean, yeah, it was good but I was shocked, not surprised, but shocked I actually still sat through after Gervais and watched The Golden Globes and the only reason for that head hanging in shame confession was to see if, by some miracle Parasite a far far superior, original fighter of a film then any of the other's in the ring, imho, would actually win. I am a dadgum idiot. Maybe Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars. Surely if there's a heaven above, let it win that.


                        "A group of women take on Fox News head Roger Ailes and the toxic atmosphere he presided over at the network."
                        Well, I avoid movies like this as one would a five dollar crack whore-- women being sexually manipulated by the antichrist's uncle but there ya go. I prefer to avoid them, same with children...especially with children being abused but I had heard great things about Theron's performance. BTW, did this film even make it in to any theaters ( never saw one trailer ) or was it strictly an on-demand if you're into this twisted shit thang. Theron WAS great as the rest of the cast but I am not lying to you good people: I have NO clue really as to why I watched this so I have no clue as to any type of rating.
                        All I know is I hated it, was depressing, degrading which I am being lame stating the obvious which I excel at but one thing---it was nice to see that asshole exposed.

                        Oh, and Sock Monkey ? I need to go back and reread your blisteringly enjoyable reviews, comments and films you saw as to if I have any of them. I apologise but I will check, okay good sir ?

                        Oh! I got 15 minutes in to...Ad Astra, ad water to fill line, microwave for five minutes, then ad packet of asian chili sauce, stir...? Was that it ? Brad Pitt ( who was good in Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood--terrific film ) Tommy Lee, Sutherland and went "I can tell this is going to suck canal water." So sorry, guys, didn't finish it and again, I have done that with books, too. Get halfway done, put it down because you. Just. Know. There will never be any saving, redeeming sentence, no wild surprising twist plus, if the person cannot write, well out goes the mo fo. Life's way too short.

                        Thanks, fellas, Dan ! As always it has been ever so ever ! Thanks for letting me spout off with unimaginative reviews and I hope it helps a bit, keeping you from pigs in a poke.
                        And please, feel free to rip me a new one if I recommended a film you hated.

                        Hasta Winnebago !

                        We'll meet up again when I get a few more under my belt - MOVIES ! - and check Socky's hard work. I have four external drives that may contain a film or two from the festival and why did I just repeat myself. Echo in here ?
                        Just a warning.
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                          Recently saw Bad Boys For Life, Gemini Man, and the latest Terminator film. Gemini Man was by far the best of the three.


                            Thanks, Brian. I'll check out Gemini Man.


                              Originally posted by tyree View Post
                              Thanks, Brian. I'll check out Gemini Man.
                              You're welcome. Not where near as in depth as you and Keith get.

                              Also thought the first episode of Picard was pretty good.


                                Originally posted by Brian861 View Post
                                You're welcome. Not where near as in depth as you and Keith get.

                                Also thought the first episode of Picard was pretty good.
                                Nothing wrong with reviews that are short and sweet!

                                I haven't checked out Picard yet. I've heard mixed things, but Patrick Stewart is just a great actor in general that it's at least worth a watch to see him.