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Top 10 Favorite Movies of 2015

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    Top 10 Favorite Movies of 2015

    I love to see / discuss everyone's Top 10 of the year. (here's hoping I can come up with ten)
    1. Mad Max: Fury Road
    2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
    3. The Martian
    4. Ant-Man
    5. Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation
    6. Avengers: Age of Ultron
    7. Sicario
    8. Kingsmen: The Secret Service
    9. American Ultra
    10. What We Do In The Shadows

    There's still some movies that I want to see from this year that I haven't gotten to yet, so some of these could get bumped at some point. Spotlight, The Big Short, and The Revenant just to name a few. For what it's worth some of these are probably better than others, but I probably won't watch them again. Which is why Avengers is higher on my list than say Sicario, which is arguably a better film.

    As a side note, the worst movie I saw this year was either The Ridiculous Six which I watched Monday night on Netflix or Fantastic Four. I can't decide which was worse.

    Edit: Dropped Spectre, I forgot about American Ultra.

    Edit (again): Rethought Hateful 8 and dropped it. While I liked it I can't actually see myself watching it again.
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    My list will be incomplete but these are the ones that come to mind:

    1. The Railway Man (O.K. This one came out in 2013 but I saw it in 2015 and it is a great movie)
    2. The Martian
    3. Chappie
    4. Gone Girl
    5. American Sniper
    6. Still Alice
    7. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
    8. The Theory of Everything
    9. Boyhood
    10. The Judge


      I totally forgot about American Ultra. So I bumped Spectre since I wanted to leave What We Do In The Shadows on there.
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        I haven't seen 10 movies this year. Things that make you go HMMMMMM LOl!


          Have to think about the rest of the list, but the best movie I saw this year was Mad Max: Fury Road. (I've seen this top quite a few 10 lists, and I agree.) I think Creed would be on the list as would The Hateful 8 (which I just got done seeing.)
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            My favorite movies that I watched 2015 are:

            Ex Machina
            Mad Max: Fury Road
            The Gift
            The Babadook
            What We Do in the Shadows
            The End of the Tour
            Bone Tomahawk
            The Guest

            Plus two movies that I might have saw in 2014 but I can't remember so I'm including them in my list because they are just plain awesome:

            Cold in July
            Cheap Thrills

            Most disappointing movies in 2015:

            It Follows: such a brilliant idea and some decent jump scares that fumbled its own rules and felt a little pretentious at times (here's looking at you, Kafka-reading character who served no other purpose). I'm very much in the minority on this one as it was the critical darling of 2015, but I just don't get it.

            Age of Adaline: Another movie that could have been good given a slightly different treatment. Ditch the redundant storyteller voiceover and focus the movie on an aging Harrison Ford confronting his mortality and lost youth in the guise of his long-lost love--and son's new girlfriend--the titular, immortal Adaline. This idea could have utilized in such a better fashion than what it was.
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