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LOVECRAFT'S VISIONS at Seattle Art Museum (10/7th-9th/11)- Nolan,Bear,Joshi,O'Bannon,

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    LOVECRAFT'S VISIONS at Seattle Art Museum (10/7th-9th/11)- Nolan,Bear,Joshi,O'Bannon,

    It's coming this next weekend folks!!! S.T. Joshi and my DD Art Director/Managing Editor Jason V Brock have gotten together to helm a film festival themselves. This will be at the Seattle Art Museum in Seattle, Washington. It will be a focus on a number of H.P. Lovecraft's film adaptations and will also have some panels and discussion featuring guests Greg Bear, William F. Nolan, Diane O'Bannon, Marc Laidlaw, Wilum Pugmire, Philip Haldeman, Joshi, Brock and others.

    Films to be shown are: THE ANCESTOR (unreleased working print/director's Cut of THE RESURRECTED by Dan O'Bannon); THE HAUNTED PALACE, RE-ANIMATOR, THE DUNWICH HORROR, NIGHT OF THE DEMON, THE LAST WAVE and others.

    I will be there doing a table in the Dealer's Room for Dark Discoveries so stop on by and say hi. I'll have copies of the William Nolan chapbook on hand fresh off the presses as well so grab one while you can!

    Here's the link to purchase tickets for it (and you can grab a weekend pass for only $45 or pay just for one day or even one movie!):

    And you can also contact Jason at: for more information. And check out the Facebook page for it as well:

    - James Beach