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Limited Editions: Their Reasons for Being

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    Originally posted by pixie View Post
    I want to disagree with the statement of "for true collectors" I don't own any limited editions or lettered edtions, I can't afford them. I do own lots of gift editions. Does not owning any expensive limited editons make me less of a collector than anybody else?
    I'm sure he didn't mean it that way.
    Rich DeMars

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      Originally posted by Tree705 View Post
      I'm sure he didn't mean it that way.
      No, that wasn't my intention. For the purposes of this thread, I intended the term "true collector" to mean one who purchases limited editions in order to own and display them. Therefore, this "true collector" is but one type of person who is drawn to books, expensive or otherwise.

      Long before I owned a limited edition, I considered myself to be a book collector--much to the detriment of my extremely limited storage space. For example, my mass market paperback edition of SK's Misery--which includes the romance novel mock-up cover and that I found for about $1 or so at a local used book store--is just as special to me as my $40 signed limited edition of Douglas Clegg's The Abandoned. In fact, I still consider myself to be a book collector even though I tend to purchase the least expensive version of a book whenever possible.
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