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October 2021 - How Many?

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    October 2021 - How Many?

    Finished 7 reads in October:

    The World Played Chess by Robert Dugoni:
    This is a story of a middle-aged man who at the age of 18 worked with and was befriended by a Vietnam veteran. They would talk about his time in Vietnam and at times he witnessed the scars of war first hand.
    Then when his son about to turn 18 he receives a package containing the veterans journals from his time in Vietnam.
    The story is told in three blocks of time: The middle-aged man navigating life with teenage children. The man at 18 getting to know the veteran and the diaries of the marine.
    This is a good read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. With that said I feel it was done a disservice by tying it to ‘The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell’.
    4 Stars

    The Last House on Needless Street by Catriona Ward:
    Another new author and a book that I have seen some buzz on. The book is interesting and unique. I enjoyed the read but must admit I am not sure I fully understood all of it. I believe when I read it again more will come into focus.
    3 Stars

    The Words and Music of Alanis Morrisette by Alanis Morrisette:
    This is an Audible original. Each chapter is her just talking about a subject. It could be about writing the song, her live at the time she wrote it or her life in general. The chapter then ends with her doing an acoustic version of the song. Really enjoyed it.
    5 Stars

    The Collector by John Fowles:
    This is one of those stories that seems to get better with every read. In my anticipation of the pending Suntup release. I watched the movie and read the book. This is a fantastic story that has influenced many stories that came after and in my view is a must read. It is also a story that while released in 1963 is in no way dated. It could be released today without revisions.
    5 Stars

    The Bone Weaver’s Orchard by Sarah Read:
    Had read some good things about this story and I am always looking for new authors so I gave it a try. This one should be right in my wheel house. A boy in an old school for boys sees ghosts. Unfortunately, for much of the story I found myself bored. It ramps up well and I really enjoyed the conclusion. The end was good enough to bring the story up to average and I will try the author again.
    3 Stars

    Zombie Part: Ghostsitter #3 by Tommy Krappweiss:
    Ghostsitter is a children’s books from Germany. Audible has been releasing audio plays of them over time as part of the plus catalog. I absolutely loved book one but book two was a large enough drop off that made me think I may not finish the series. Happy to say that book three re-captured some of the magic of book one. In this installment Tom and has ghouls and ghosts embark on and adventure to save their mummy from turning to dust on the 100th anniversary of turning into a mummy. Fun Halloween Kids story. Looking foreward for more of the series!
    4 Stars

    Who I Really Am: Diary of a Vampire by Alice Cooper:
    Another words and music Audible original. Mr. Cooper talks about his life from childhood through his last (and successful) attempt at sobriety in 1983. The story was very interesting with some new information to me. The acoustic musical interludes were very good as well.
    4 Stars

    Books read and recommended for September - October, 2021.

    Hard cover -

    1. The Elimination Threat by Michael Laurence (Michael McBride) from St. Martin’s Press. Awesome 3rd novel in the The Thirteen series. Go get some.

    2. Shadow of the Vulture by Regina Garza Mitchell from Thunderstorm Books and Death’s Head Press. Good stuff. Must have been hell living there in that time.

    3. They Built a Gallows For You and Me by Cody Higgins from Thunderstorm Books and Death’s Head Press. Could not finish this one. Nothing caught me.

    4. Malignant Summer by Tim Meyer from Thunderstorm Books. Tough read but finished. Seemed rather repetitious. May have been better with 100 or more pages cut.

    5. The Seven - The Labyrinth: Book One by Brian Keene from Thunderstorm Books. Great start to this career-defining series.

    6. Monsters by Barry Windsor-Smith from Fantagraphics. Huge 365 page graphic novel that is absolutely fantastic. Highly recommended. All writing and art by BWS.

    7. Scum: Janitors VS The Living Dead by Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason from

    Thunderstorm Books. Straight ahead gore-fest thriller with disgusting zombies.

    8. Kiss of Life: The Untold Saga of America’s Last Outlaws by Gene O’Neill & Gord Rollo from Thunderstorm Books. It doesn’t get any page-turning better than this. One of the best novels of the year.

    Paperback -

    9. Irish Gothic: Tales of Celtic Horror by Ronald Kelly from Macabre Ink. Always good writing from Kelly.

    10. Chimera by Michael McBride. McBride is a gem. Writes some of the best science-based horror thrillers out there. This would be a great movie too. Go get some.

    11. Voyeur by J. F. Gonzalez. WOW! I have missed Jesus. This brought me back. Great stuff.

    12. Racing With the Devil by Bryan Smith from Grindhouse. This is the only Smith story I have ever read that did nothing for me. Bummer.

    Favorites = #1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 11.

    Support Indie Publishers and Enjoy


      Originally posted by kresby View Post
      Books read and recommended for September - October, 2021.

      8. Kiss of Life: The Untold Saga of America’s Last Outlaws by Gene O’Neill & Gord Rollo from Thunderstorm Books. It doesn’t get any page-turning better than this. One of the best novels of the year.
      I almost picked this one up, as it really sounded interesting. I heard there's going to be a later tpb reprint, so will be sure to snag a copy of it.