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Regarding the Edward Lee interview in the current issue...

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    Regarding the Edward Lee interview in the current issue...

    I know, this is probably a bit weird, but it's one of those things that sticks in my brain like an itch.

    In CD 66, Michael Lohr asks Lee, "Speaking of sequels, what can you tell us about the third installment of your Infernal series?"

    And then Lee goes on to discuss "House Infernal." (page 50 in the mag)

    To me, the question and answer make it seem like: the book isn't out yet, it's coming out soon, or it was just released. Which is odd, because it's 2012. The trade paperback has been out since 2007, and CD did a version in 2008 which is now out of print.

    Am I just misreading this or does it make it seem like the interview is at least five years old? Is that normal?

    edit: I guess it is just me, or nobody has any idea what I'm talking about. :-)

    edit two: can we delete our own posts? no sense keeping this here since apparently it's of no interest to anyone, haha.
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    I haven't had the chance to read the latest issue, but I suspect that you are correct. Not long ago there was an Al Sarrantonio interview where the same thing occurred.

    I've been getting the mag for approx 10 years and I don't think CD has ever published 6 issues/year during those years In fact, one year only one was issued and if I recall correctly, the year before there were only two. When the mag did come out, many times it was painfully out of date - obvious not only by the interviews and book reviews, but many times by it's advertising a book "coming soon" that had been published months before . . . .

    CD has been working on getting the mag back on track. Based upon the cover and ToC, this issue is more current than any others for years. Getting this issue approx 2 months after CD 65 is also a positive sign that CD is getting caught up.

    Not enough books . . . . . just too little time.


      Yep we're working on getting back on track, and it's getting there. Re-organizing the people that work on the magazine has really helped with that.
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        That's good. I guess I was just a bit surprised to think that an interview could be that old! Now I'd like to see disclaimers: "This interview was conducted on..." :-)

        But yeah, the fact that 66 wasn't too long after 65 was nice. Everybody wants everything to be perfect, and though we may gripe sometimes, it doesn't mean we don't love you.