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  • Martin
    After multiple delays I received my June Nocturnal Reader's Box:

    New Release Book: The Gathering Dark by Christopher Golden
    I have read a little from this author and enjoyed his writing but am not familiar with this one at all.

    Previous Release: I Am Providence by Nick Mamatas
    I am not familiar with the author. I do not care for Lovecraft but have read stories set in his universe that I have liked so I may enjoy this one.

    Water Bottle:
    Easily the cheapest item I have received in a Nocturnal Reader's Box. It has no functional use and is probably the first item I have received from them that I simply toss out.

    Pin: Based on The Long Walker from Nick Cutter
    I have not read the book but do like the author and will get to it. For that reason I am not familiar with the character but it is a cool pin.

    Sunglasses: Based on Mary Shelley's The Last Man
    Have not read the story so am unsure how the glasses tie in. They are nice sunglasses but not for me. I will gift these to my niece.

    T-Shirt: Based on Joe Hill's The Fireman
    OK, this one should be a home run for me. I am a big Joe Hill fan and they did a white shirt with silver printing (Something different). I should love this but the print is just so-so. I will wear it but am not in love with it.

    There is an art print included but I did not get it. I have contacted the company and they will send it.

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  • Dan Hocker
    We still have some sweatshirts. Send Mindy an email, we've been selling the extras by request, same thing with the mugs.

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  • Brian861
    Great new stuff, Martin! You really should allow Uncle Bill to get out more. He's looking a touch mummified.

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  • jeffingoff
    That artwork inspires deep regret within me!! Great stuff!

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  • TacomaDiver
    Originally posted by RonClinton View Post
    Congrats on the CD stuff and the Weir book. Wow, do I ever want that CD hoodie...Iím not a hoodie guy, but that back text is my mantra!
    Originally posted by Martin View Post
    I am not really a hoody guy either, it will probably rarely be worn but is perfect for beach trips. It is also very soft and comfortable inside.
    I haven't worn mine yet, but Martin is right, it's very soft and comfortable feeling inside! And the quote is 5 stars!
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