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    Originally posted by Tito_Villa View Post
    Yup it houses my signed 1st edition really nicely and was made by Dick Olson of, really can't recomend his cases enough!!!

    Very nice!!! (looking him up in another window.)

    And the website answers my question about the Gunslinger case as well. When I get a book i think is worth one of those, I'll look into it.
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      I have two more cases by him

      More pics of other bookcases ...

      Knowing Darkness traycased and slipcased, From A Buick 8 S/L and Stephen King's The Lawnmower Man comic

      My PS Publishing collection apart from the King and Joe Hill stuff

      Mickey Mouse, dvd's, signed books and a Dalek game that my little brother made for me


        This bookshelf houses my Joe Hill collection, Phillip Pullman's 'Dark Materials Trilogy', 'The Passage' books and almost every english version of Carlos Ruiz Zafon's masterpieces!

        9th edition Dracula from 1912, Pop Art S/L, signed Horns from a joe Hill signing i attended and a remarqued traycased Horns



          And the Duma Key print on the wall above a chess set my granddad gave me and next to a Glenn Chadbourne original which i can't show you a detailed pic ... not allowed


            So first of the close-ups are my Dark Tower books ...
            US Legends 1st which contains Kings 'The Little Sisters of Eluria'

            UK Legends 1st which is in mint condition and has two alternate covers

            The Dark Tower gift set which contains 3rd 'The Gunslinger', 2nd 'The Drawing of the Three' and 1st 'The Wastelands' and housed in a nice slipcase


              My 3 copies of 'The Gunslinger'

              Revised 'The Gunslinger' in collectors slipcase, signed by King & Whelan


                Second edition on the left and a mint unread 1st on the right that is signed by Michael Whelan and housed in a fantastic traycase.




                    Great collection Tito! I especially love all the Gunslinger books.
                    Looking for the fonting of youth.


                      'The Drawing of the three' Grant 1st editions

                      'The Wastelands' Grant 1st

                      'The Wizard and the Glass' Grant 1st

                      'The Wolves of the Calla UK 1st and UK proof


                        'The Wolves of the Calla' S/L


                          'The Wolves of the Calla' Artist editions, one has some pages burned ... why would anyone do that ... but i got it very cheap and the burn is at the bottom so you can't see it


                            'The song of Susannah' UK 1st at the front

                            Artist signed 1st on the left and artists edition on the right


                              'The Dark Tower' 2 1st editions, 1 signed by Whelan and 1 signed by Whelan and King. The middle one is an Artist's edition.


                                'The Dark Tower' UK 1st