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    Thanks everyone.

    Ben Staad espresso is a fun little hobby. Like all hobbies, there are very deep, and very expensive rabbit holes to fall down. I'm eyeballing a new grinder but am having a hard time finding THE ONE for the price I want to pay. It's hard to contemplate spending that kind of money.

    I've only read the first few Expanse books - LOVED THE HELL OUT OF THE SHOW and would recommend it to anyone who has a remote passing interest in sci-fi.

    Sock Monkey - this set along with my Suntup Misery are probably some of the more tempting "would you sell it for $xx.xx" books I have because the current prices are bonkers, and it would be very tempting.


      Got a couple of books this week -

      First up is Centipede Press's edition of The Spirit of the Place and Other Strange Tales by Elizabeth Walter. I'm not familiar with her but the book's description sounded interesting, and you can rarely go wrong with a book from CP.


      Secondly, I got the fourth volume in Josiah Bancroft's Books of Babel series. I believe I've only read the first two, but I do own a matching set from Subterranean Press.

      (Excuse the glare - Brodart covers are super shiny.)

      I do especially like the little bonus that's been part of each book - two tickets (part of the story.)