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    Need new home.

    I am going to be unemployed come July 18 so it is time to get rid of some of my extras instead of waiting for the economy to turn around. I am willing to haggle, the more books you want to buy the more willing I will be. I will also accept more then I am asking if that is your desire. SHIPPING if you get more then $50 worth I will ship media free of charge or priority for $5 plus $1 each additional book, $50 or less $5 media and $10 priority plus $1 each additional book.
    First come first served email me at Tree705 at Comcast dot net

    Cemetery Dance

    House Infernal by Lee S/L $20
    Afterlife by Clegg S/L $20
    Midnight Grinding by Kelly S/L $20 SOLD
    Vampyrrhic by Clark S/L $20
    Mad Dogs by Hodge S/L $20
    The Other End by Shirley S/L $20
    The Folks 2 by Garton S/L $20
    Halloween and other Seasons by Sarrantonio S/L $20
    Weed Species by Ketchum S/L $15 SOLD
    Occasional Demons by Hautala S/L $20
    Serpent Girl by Garton S/L $20
    Noichi the Blind by Williamson S/L $15
    Elsewhere (w/slipcase) by Blatty 156/350 $75
    Elsewhere by Blatty Trade $10
    Wild Things by Clegg S/L $15
    Old Flames by Ketchum S/L $30
    Trick or Treat by Chizmar(ed) Trade $20
    Until She Sleeps by Leebon S/L $20
    The Long Last Call by Skipp S/L``` $20
    Four Octobers by Hautala S/L $20 SOLD
    Sinister Purposes by Raisnor S/L $20 SOLD

    Walpuski’s Typewriter by Darabont Trade $10
    Retribution, Inc by Cooper 487/750 $15
    Scissors by Garton unnumbered$20
    Second Chance by Williamson 341/400 $40
    Prodigal Blues by Braunbeck S/L $20
    Fourbodings by Crowther(ed)S/L $40
    Harvest Moon by Moore S/L $30
    Development Hell by Garris S/L $20
    The Necromancer by Clegg S/L $15
    Dark Harvest by Partridge S/L $30 SOLD
    The Eyes of the Carp by Wright 440/750 $20
    Revenant Savior by Cancilla S/L $15
    Night Cage by Harper 451/652 $40
    Moonbane by Sarrantoniio S/L $20
    Halloweenland by Sarrantoniio S/L $20

    Other Pubs
    Ascendancies by Sterling Trade HC Subterranean Press $20
    Rude Mechanicals by Baker Trade HC Subterranean Press $15
    Made Ready & Cupboard Love by Lamsley S/L 440/500 Subterranean Press $15
    A Reverie for Mister Ray by Bishop S/L slipcased 173/200 PS Publishing $65
    Banquet for the Damned by Nevill S/L 133/500 $25
    Goat Dance by Clegg Vox 13 S/L 282/666 $30
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    Rich DeMars

    Imagination is more important than knowledge.
    Albert Einstein

    Originally posted by Tree705 View Post
    I am going to be unemployed come July 18
    I am sorry!
    I've been there myself and know how this feels!
    Hope you find something else soon - good luck!!!



      I'll be contacting you about Dark Harvest on your email.