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    So a couple of weeks ago the editors at PS Publishing asked for a list of memorable short stories from their newsletter readers. So of course I provided a fairly lengthy one.

    A few weeks later I had a rather large box waiting on my doorstep from PS, containing 4 story collections for the use of my list in one of their newsletter.

    The books are:

    Human Pieces (HC) by James Cooper - I recently read this and highly recommend it for anyone looking for some very dark fiction

    Exotic Gothic 4 - TPB - read this one a few years and also recommend it, as I do all of the entries in the EG series.

    The Uncollected Ian Watson (HC) - I've read some Ian Watson in the past and find he is better suited to my tastes in small doses. I would probably never get around to reading this.

    Harvesting the Moon (HC) by Ursula Pflug - I was actually considering this one a while back, but with the size of my TBR pile, and numerous other collections/anthologies to read, this would probably just keep getting put off.

    The books are all in fine condition. I don't see any defects with them.

    So, since the books have been essentially gifted to me, I have decided to pass them on to any interested readers here at the forum. If you are interested in any of these titles let me know, either through this thread or you can PM me. If more than one person is interested in a book, I'll probably pull names out of a hat or maybe go with a random number generator, ala Ron Clinton.

    Good Luck,

    Very kind offer, thank you!


      That is very thoughtful of you. For the record I'm not interested but I did want to give you a thumbs up!
      Looking for the fonting of youth.


        Extremely generous!


          Don't include my name in the drawing, but that's a kind and generous offer on some interesting books...hope those on the receiving end enjoy them!


            What a very nice thing to do.