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For Sale or Trade - The Transfiguration of Mr Punch

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    For Sale or Trade - The Transfiguration of Mr Punch

    I am nearly finished reading The Transfiguration of Mr Punch by D.P. Watt, Cate Gardner & Charles Schneider. My copy comes with the special postcard by Charles Schneider.

    I know there is a Book Review thread somewhere in the forum, I can't find it so I decided to post my review here. I don't like doing negative reviews (This book was just begging for one however).

    The first part-The Show That Must Never Die by Charles Schneider was just rubbish. I thought the story just wandered aimlessly and I found it very difficult to read. The second part Memorabilia: An Evening's Entertainment For Two Players by D. P. Watt was much better although it was a bit muddled at times. The third part This Foolish & Harmful Delight by Cate Gardner was clearly the best part, I really liked it, and the saving grace of the novel.

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