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    Just got the email from CD about the ChiZine books.

    The Steel Seraglio is a must for me. I really love the Felix Castor books by Mike Carey, though this looks like a very different prospect indeed. - I've finally updated it.

    Here's the link to the info.
    CD Email:

    Non-Work related social media and what not:

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      Thanks Dan. Should have thought to do that myself, as that would actually have been helpful. Think I need an early night!!! - I've finally updated it.


        Hi Guys,

        I hope you'll consider picking up a copy of SHOEBOX TRAIN WRECK as well. I'm very excited about the book, and so far it's got some good buzz going. Four of my favorite authors have been nice enough to blurb it, so I thought I'd share:

        The stories in John Mantooth's powerful debut collection turn a blazing spotlight on those living at--and beyond--society's margins. In sinuous, elegant prose, Mantooth maps the journeys that have led his characters to dead-ends and disappointments. Mantooth spares his characters nothing, including sufficient self-awareness to understand their roles in their personal catastrophes. These characters grieve their griefs on universal bones, and when they stumble onto hope, it is a small, tough thing that promises no miracles, only the possibility that life tomorrow will be a little better than it was today. This is impressive, assured work, not to be missed.
        John Langan, author of Technicolor and Other Revelations

        "John Mantooth writes with enviable grace, vigor, ease. These stories pulsate with the inevitable pain of familial love, and loss, and the horrors of the human condition while remaining peopled with unforgettable characters who move through their lives toward moments of personal realization and doom that can only come from the Southern experience. Mantooth has here collected a group of stories that exceeds the sum of its parts. You won't regret picking up this collection and will think on these amazing and heartfelt stories long after you've closed the covers. Absolutely brilliant."
        - John Hornor Jacobs, author of Southern Gods, This Dark Earth,and The Twelve Fingered Boy

        "John Mantooth's short stories crackle with intelligence and violence. He writes about desperate and simple lives gone not-so-simple, and those lives beat with a savvy and familiar broken heart. His down-and-out characters are ugly and beautiful, and most importantly, compelling. John is the real deal, and I think I hate him for it."
        Paul Tremblay, author of The Little Sleep.

        "Outstanding! John Mantooth is an exciting new voice in dark fiction."
        Douglas Clegg

        I hope you'll consider checking it out.

        John Mantooth