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Zach Powell and King's Way Press

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    Zach Powell and King's Way Press

    I have done some searching on this forum and notice that two threads about KWP have been locked. I see that people appreciated Zach coming on and discussing issues and am wondering if he is still frequenting this site. I am going on my third decade of supporting the small press, know the trials and tribulations of the business, and as Richard, Brian, and Mindy know, am extremely patient and do not complain about anything. I recently asked Zach Powell for a refund of the half dozen limited editions I purchased seven years ago. I was shocked by his response to me, being in a business where good customer service is essential. I responded to his email and again requested a refund. His last response to me was Monday:

    Response coming in morning, lest you decide I'm dodging you.

    Zach Powell- Publisher
    King's Way Press
    3721 New Macland Rd
    Suite 200-141
    Powder Springs, GA 30127

    It is now Thursday night with no response. Does anyone have ideas on how to get him to actually follow through and respond? It seems that his paperback books are doing well and I have wished him luck on his future endeavors. I do not want to start the type of thread that got locked by the administrator. I only want a refund for money that he has held on to for seven years, with constant promises, yet no action. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

    Hi I"m gonna lock this thread too. I understand your frustrations, but every time we have a King's Way Press thread on the board it gets out of hand and kinda negative / hostile fairly quickly. So with that said I'm locking this one preemptively. Feel free to discuss KWP via private message or whatever, but I'm not letting any open discussion threads continue anymore.
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