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  • Patrick
    Originally posted by vampduster View Post
    Completely forgot about the limited. I've been dragging the trade to cons and gathering signatures and inscriptions.
    That is very cool. Long term I bet it will mean more to you than the S/L edition.

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  • vampduster
    An aging forgetful one!

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  • bsaenz24
    Originally posted by vampduster View Post
    Completely forgot about the limited.
    You forgot there was a limited!! What kind of LT member are you?!?!??!!

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  • vampduster
    Completely forgot about the limited. I've been dragging the trade to cons and gathering signatures and inscriptions.

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  • MikeG
    Looking forward to my signed limited

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  • bsaenz24
    I love the trade edition and can't wait for the signed limited!!

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  • Dan Hocker
    started a topic [INDEXED]The Big Book of Necon

    [INDEXED]The Big Book of Necon

    Author: Bob Booth
    Page Count: 312
    Pub. Date: June 2009
    ISBN: 978-1-58767-202-6
    Status: Trade Edition In-Stock and Shipping Now!

    "The best horror convention since its inception, folksy, laid-back, and an all-around good time."
    — Stephen King

    "Some people have lives. We have Necon."
    — Stanley Wiater

    The Big Book of Necon
    edited by Bob Booth

    Featuring contributions by Stephen King, Peter Straub, Neil Gaiman, Jack Ketchum, Rick Hautala, Thomas Tessier, Chet Williamson, Douglas Clegg, Brian Keene, Ramsey Campbell, Douglas Winter, Thomas Monteleone, Gahan Wilson, Jonathan Carroll, John Coyne, Alan Ryan, Lucius Shepard, Graham Joyce, Tim Lebbon, and over 30 other artists and authors who have made Necon the most popular convention of the horror genre over the last three decades!

    Bob and Mary Booth invented The Northeast Regional Fantasy and Horror Convention (Necon) in 1980 after they ran the 1979 World Fantasy Convention. Attendance at Necon has always been capped at 200 participants, which adds to the convention's close-knit atmosphere—but also creates a high demand for tickets. If you've never been able to attend this incredible summer gathering, The Big Book of Necon will give you a glimpse into what makes that convention so special. And if you're already a Necon regular, this generous volume will bring back a lot of fond memories.

    Featuring works from over 50 contributors, The Big Book of Necon provides hours of great horror/dark fantasy reading from some of the most important names in modern horror. Many of the short stories, essays, poems, and artwork originally appeared in the annual program booklet, which is exclusively printed for the attendees each year.

    Other highlights include:

    • fiction by writers from horror's golden age (Stephen King, Peter Straub, F. Paul Wilson, Alan Ryan, Jack Ketchum), by the genre's newer stars (Christopher Golden, Brian Keene, and many others), and by visitors from the British Isles (Neil Gaiman, Ramsey Campbell, Tim Lebbon)

    • essays by Charles L. Grant and Thomas F. Monteleone, defining the Necon experience for the uninitiated

    • artwork by Gahan Wilson, Glenn Chadbourne, Richard Sardina, and Cortney Skinner

    As eclectic and entertaining as the convention itself, The Big Book of Necon gathers together horror's finest authors in a rare celebration of what's unique and exciting about the genre. A once-in-a-lifetime event, this massive anthology is certain to be one of the most talked about books of the year!

    Table of Contents:
    "Bob Goes to Necon" by Charles Lang (artwork)
    "Introduction" by Bob Booth
    "Live to Write / Write to Live" by Glenn Chadbourne (artwork)
    "Saugies, Valuable Prizes and Hawaiian Shirts" by Douglas E. Winter
    "Necon: What It Is?" by Charles L. Grant
    "The Dark Campers" by Linda Addison
    "View from the Bottom" by Matt Bechtel
    "Four Views of Necon" by Ginjer Buchanan
    "Conning at Roger Williams on a Summer's Evening" by Elizabeth Massie
    "My Favorite Necon Moment" by Thomas F. Monteleone
    "Necon X" by Yvonne Navarro
    "Untitled" by Holly Newstein
    "Camper Activity Page" by Cortney Skinner (artwork)
    "Valuable Prizes" by Gahan Wilson (artwork)
    "Necon" by Hank Wagner
    "Report on Necon '82" by Stanley Wiater
    "Ketchum Kabobs" by Glenn Chadbourne (artwork)
    "Red Paint" by Jill Bauman
    "A Death in the Day Of" by Gary A. Braunbeck
    "The Hustler, Smoking" by Jonathan Carroll
    "Unexpected Attraction" by Matthew Costello
    "End of the Line" by John Coyne
    "Loser" by Les Daniels
    "Kisses from Auntie" by Craig Shaw Gardner
    "Little Brother" by Rick Hautala
    "Sundays" by Jack Ketchum
    "Illustration for the Old Dude's Ticker" by Richard Sardinha (artwork)
    "The Old Dude's Ticker" by Stephen King
    "Freddy and Rita" by G. Wayne Miller
    "Lake" by Kathryn Ptacek
    "Last Performance of Kobo Daishi" by Alan Ryano
    "On the Last Night of the Festival of the Dead" by Darrell Schweitzer
    "Exercise of Faith" by Lucius Shepard
    "Erotorium" by Stephen Spruill
    "Response from a Surprised but Pleased Recipient" by Peter Straub
    "Nocturne" by Thomas Tessier
    "Night Deposits" by Chet Williamson
    "Demonsong" by F. Paul Wilson
    "Necon Proceedings" by Cortney Skinner (artwork)
    "And We'll Be Jolly Friends For Ever More" by P.D. Cacek
    "Becoming Men" by Douglas Clegg
    "Tryptich" by David Cram
    "Somebody Put Me Together" by Sephera Giron
    "Runaway" by Christopher Golden
    "Undercover" by Nancy Holder
    "I Am an Exit" by Brian Keene
    "Virtually Perfect" by James Moore
    "Necon Bat Camper" by Gahan Wilson (artwork)
    "Burning" by Ramsey Campbell
    "Clearly Dead" by Simon Clark
    "Days of the Wheel" by Peter Crowther
    "Fifteen Painted Cards from a Vampire Tarot" by Neil Gaiman
    "Partial Eclipse" by Graham Joyce
    "Recipe for Disaster" by Tim Lebbon
    "Memories of Lydia, Leaving" by Phil Nutman
    "Camp Necon Skeleton" by Gahan Wilson (artwork)

    Published in four states:
    Trade Hardcover Edition bound in full-cloth and Smyth sewn with full-color dust jacket artwork ($40)
    Slipcased Hardcover Limited Edition of 350 signed and numbered copies, bound in full-cloth and Smyth sewn, and signed by more than 50 contributors (excluding King) on four pages of signature sheets ($175)
    Slipcased Deluxe Artist Edition of 150 signed and numbered copies, bound in a different full-cloth and Smyth sewn, signed by more than 50 contributors including Stephen King, featuring a different slipcase, different full-color signature sheets, an additional piece of color artwork, embossed endpapers, and original artwork by Glenn Chadbourne ($350)
    Traycased Lettered Edition of 52 lettered copies signed by more than 50 contributors including Stephen King, hand-bound in leather, featuring different endpapers, different signature sheets, a color frontispiece, with a satin ribbon page marker and a deluxe hand-made traycase ($1000)

    Production Status:
    Visit our Production Update page for all official news and updates on this title.