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A Guide to U.S. First Editions of Stephen King:

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    A Guide to U.S. First Editions of Stephen King:

    I have ordered this but can't yet say how good it is.


    So I received this and it exceeds expectations. The pamphlet is really nice, including a checklist at the back so you can mark what you have. It is small enough that I will keep it in my car. When I hit Powell's or any other used book store I can take it in with me to look for the 1st editions I am missing. It also came with some cool trinkets.

    Turns out the man producing this is a photographer and did the photography used on the Suntup Gift Edition Horns Slipcase. He mentions at the back of the guide that he sells custom slipcases. Unfortunately he references a Facebook page. I have sent an email for more information.

    Guide to SK 1st.jpg
    Note: The photo is not mine but this is what I got. All for $5.95.
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      Thanks for the review. I just ordered a copy.


        Mine arrived today. The extras alone make it worth the modest price. I love the Needful Things business card. The guide itself is pretty awesome too. Very useful!

        Guide to Stephen King 1st Editions.jpg