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The Stand Limited Series coming to CBS All Access

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    Originally posted by Martin View Post
    I guess it is confession time. I have never seen an episode of a Star Trek TV show. Not the original series or any of the follow-ups. I have seen one Star Trek movie, The Wrath of Kahn, and it made no sense to me. The people I saw it with loved it and could not believe I didn't like it. I proceeded to ask questions about the plot that I did not understand and they told me I needed to have seen a certain episode of the TV show to understand those things. I have never returned.
    Honestly, while I love Wrath of Kahn, I never really understood a large portion of the plot either, as I never watched the original series. That said I've probably seen most episodes of Next Generation and Deeps Space 9. Never really cared much for Voyager, and have seen all of Enterprise, but couldn't really tell you what it was about. I've also seen all of the movies.
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      My son was/is a huge Star Trek fan. Every Christmas I bought, I mean Santa brought, a truck load of Star Trek toys lol!! We enjoyed all of the series in their own way. I like my Sci-fi a little darker, gritty, but it was a great way to introduce him to the genre. Now what do I do with all these star-ships in my attic HAHAH!


        Now to return this thread back to The Stand. . I'm not going to be watching this either. I don't have cable and the only streaming service that I have is Netflix and Amazon Prime . I'm too busy working most of the time and don't watch much tv at all I still need to see Bird Box and I just finally finished season 2 of Stranger Things.


          I'm passing unless there are just some amazing reviews. I liked the original mini-series so I'm not overly tempted by this.
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