Just a quick question for my readers: Which do you prefer to read from Ol' Ron? Short stories or novels?

Back in the early to mid-90s, I was a big novel writer (it was my livelihood, after all, cranking out those 400-page doorstoppers for the folks at Zebra), but I've always had a great fondness for writing short stories. I reckon it comes from listening to my grandmother spin tall tales and ghost stories when I was a young'un... she'd go from one to the other and, in one sitting, I could hear up to fifteen or twenty stories (sometimes more, if she was on a roll) of family history (or scandal!), rural folklore, and local tales of haints, giant rattlers, and psychopatic, skeleton-handed handymen. I reckon that's why I prefer the roller coaster ride over the long road trip, both in writing and reading.

So, what do you think?