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    I lost my father unexpectedly last September. In some ways, my family is still working through the grief. I pray that God finds you all where you are and provides you comfort and clarity during this very difficult time.

    Ron K


      Thanks for your support, guys. It's really a blessing.


        *sigh*, I just wanted to say to you that no matter what hateful thing your step-whatever (I don't want to call her a mother as that is a term of endearment) chooses to do without your input and opinion (which is totally disrespectful to you and your father), do not stoop to her level of ignorance or obnoxious selfishness.

        I'm sorry if I overstep a boundary by saying this, but losing someone is a vulnerable and fragile time for kids and they need love and understanding and respect and they need to be listened to. I don't care if that kid is a grown man with a family of his own. For your peace, take the high road and know that your dad is always with you no matter what.
        "What shall I say when my lord comes a calling? What shall I say when he knocks on my door? What shall I say when his feet enter softly? Leaving the marks of his grave on my floor."