View Full Version : For sale: 'Salem's Lot 2nd state dust jacket and several King 'gift editions'

08-24-2011, 02:19 PM
Hi guys, my first post here, probably not my last ;)

I've been reading King for more than twenty years and I have been really 'collecting' since five or six years. I am not interested in signed/limited editions. Over the years I did purchase most if the available 'gift editions' but I found out that I am much more interested in 'obscure' items (i.e. pre-CARRIE publications, proofs, magazine 1st appearances of short stories) than I am in nice-looking books. So I am currently selling my gift editions.

This is what I have left:

1) THE GREEN MILE (SubPress)
2) THE TALISMAN two-volume edition (Donald M. Grant, 1984)
3) FULL DARK, NO STARS (Cemetery Dance)

If you're interested, make me an offer. All books are in great condition!

I would also like to sell an extra 'SALEM'S LOT dust jacket (2nd state, with the 'Father Cody' error). Pic:


It's in pretty good shape compared to most of the DJ's out there but it has suffered from a bit of sunfading on the spine. Still, I've seen books with similar DJ's sell for over $350. My asking price for the DJ itself (which represents most of the value of a 1st edition of this book) is quite a bit less ($150). I also have a 1st edition/1st printing book to go with it but it has some writing in it by a previous owner and I've noticed that this makes people reluctant to buy it. I'd sell the book + DJ together for $175, which is an incredible price for a true 1st/1st 'SALEM'S LOT with 2nd state DJ, even with the described flaws.

Note: I live in The Netherlands, so shipping to the US will be between $25-50, depending on whether or not it's insured etcetera.