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04-19-2016, 02:23 PM
Do you guys expect to get any copies of Borderlands 6 from Borderland Press?

04-19-2016, 03:39 PM
And nevermind ... I see it is now available on the website :)

04-19-2016, 06:11 PM
TOC as far as I could find:

"Anton Smiley" - Michael Louis Dixon
"Eye of the Beholder" - John M. McIlveen
"Those Rockports Won't Get You to Heaven" - Jack Ketchum
"The Last Plague Doctor" - Rebecca J. Allred
"Stinkers" Daniel Waters
"Time is a Face on the Water" - Michael Bailey
"Summer Gullet" - John Boden
"Dead Letter Office" - Trent Zelazny & Brian Knight
"Cocoa" - Bob Pastorella
"The Dress" - Peter Salomon
"The Dishes are Done" - Carol Pierson Holding
"Red Rabbit" - Steve Rasnic Tem
"Miracle Meadows" - Darren O. Godfrey
"Lockjaw" - David Annadale
"Window" - Anya Martin
"Shattered" - G. Daniel Gunn (Dan Keohane) & Paul Tony Tremblay
"Mise en Abyme" - Gordon White
"In God's Image" - Sean M Davis
"Special Delivery" - Tim Waggoner
"The Palace Garbage Man" - Bradley Michael Zerbe
"Consumers" - Gary A. Braunbeck
"The Architecture of Snow" - David Morrell