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10-07-2014, 01:05 AM
I wanted to put out a warning about the fulfillment company that Seraphim, Inc. used to distribute First Tales. I ordered a lettered copy of the book (which is beautiful) that comes with an original drawing from Clive Barker. I got an email from the fulfillment company, TopSpin Media, shortly after my book shipped saying that some of the drawings did not get included with the books and asking me to check my copy. Lo and behold, no drawing with my book. I then started on a nearly three week back-and-forth with a TopSpin representative who basically kept telling me that he would get back to me with details about when I would get the drawing. After a frustrating few weeks, I was told that the drawing was in the mail. I received it, and it was wrinkled, torn, and stained. When I contacted the company, the woman I spoke with rudely told me that there is no way that the drawing is in that condition because she put it in the envelope herself. She also told me that the drawing was a "free promotion," which is absolutely not the case. So, I went back to my TopSpin contact and was again given apologies and promises that he would look into it.

I took a shot in the dark and contacted Phil and Sarah Stokes at Clive Barker's website, and within hours they were on top of the problem, and within a couple days I got an email from the head of Seraphim, Inc., Barker's publishing company. Clive Barker's people immediately took care of the problem, and I am now sending the damaged drawing to them to get the problem taken care of.

In short, BE CAREFUL AND VIGILANT IF YOU EVER MAKE A PURCHASE FULFILLED BY TOPSPIN MEDIA. This is the second time that I have made an expensive limited edition purchase through the company that did not include everything advertised. The first time, the company refused to resolve the issue and eventually stopped responding to my emails, and I successfully contested the charge with my bank.

Clive Barker's people (Mark Miller, Phil and Sarah Stokes), as expected, are wonderful and helpful. But I will never make a purchase through TopSpin again, not for Clive Barker, Stephen King, or anybody else.

That's my lengthy two cents, but I thought everybody should know before potentially getting taken advantage of. Spread the word.