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09-12-2013, 08:41 AM
Make me an offer ... pm or dip_dab@hotmail.co.uk

S/L's & AE's
From a Buick 8 #111 - F
Prime Evil Publisher's copy - Book - F, Slipcase - 1 dinged corner
UK The Wind Through The Keyhole + UK trade dustjacket #66 - F
UK Bag of Bones # 1,628 - VG+
Wolves of the Calla AE - F
Song of Susannah AE - F
The Dark Tower AE - F

US Insomnia 1st - F
US Full Dark, No Stars 1st + CD slipcase - F
US Lisey's Story ARC - NF
Viking - The Gunslinger 3rd + Collector's slipcase - F signed by SK + Michael Whelan
US Under the Dome 1st + Collector's slipcase - F
UK Lisey's Story 3rd - F

US Christine 1st - NF - For Laura, have a good graduation, 6/13/84
US The Stand 1st - NF - For Ed, with best, 9/19/79
US The Dead Zone 1st - F- - For Tom, with all good wishes, 9/17/79
US Firestarter 3rd - VG - To Carol, All best, 9/20/80

UK editions
Salem's Lot - DJ - VG - Book - G (Ex library)
Salem's Lot - NF
Lisey's Story Slipcased Proof # 72/100 - Book - F- Slipcase - VG
The Green Mile - F (only 2,000 printed?)

Dolso cases
The Stand Slipcase
The Shining Lettered Case - E
Salem's Lot Lettered Case - E

Cemetery Dance Signed Limited magazines - Issues 51,52, 53 & 54 all #151
The Da Vinci Code - Flatsigned 1st
The Da Vinci Code 1st state proof
The Da Vinci Code 2nd state proof

09-12-2013, 09:35 PM
Man, some nice books in there, wish I had money I could offer, really want that Buick 8, but don't have the money for a gift edition, much less a signed and numbered one!

The UK Lisey's Story slipcased proof sounds very nice too since that is currently my favorite King book.

Hell, most of those things sound great. Unfortunately my book budget is basically 0 right now since I bought a gift card when they were half off here earlier this month and next month I am getting the next Maelstrom set of books from Thunderstorm for my birthday.

09-12-2013, 09:40 PM
OMG I HATECHU! Wait til I have money...someday. lol. Theres a few inexpensive ones on there I want but I am in the hole due to some vet bills and a certain JR's plane ticket.