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Dan Hocker
04-18-2013, 05:21 PM
Blue November Storms by Brian James Freeman


Hi Folks!

We're pleased to announce the fourth title in our exciting ONE WEEK ONLY eBook sale and it's a brand new release!

About the Book:

It's been twenty years since the group of friends known as the Lightning Five visited their hunting cabin together. Twenty years spent living in the shadow of something they did in high school, an event that forever defined them in the minds of everyone in their small town.

Now they're returning to the cabin to reminisce about old times and forget their troubles, but mother nature has other plans in mind. Before too long supplies will be running low and the Lightning Five will have to make some hard choices... like who gets to live and who has to die.

Special Bonus Features:
* New introduction by horror legend Ray Garton about why you should never, ever go into the woods
* Twenty original illustrations by Glenn Chadbourne
* Afterword by Brian James Freeman detailing how and why the story was written
* "Ink-slinger: An Interview with Glenn Chadbourne" by Robert Brouhard
* Stunning new cover artwork by Vincent Chong

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Dan Hocker
04-18-2013, 05:21 PM
Blue November Storms is 99 cents this week only!