View Full Version : Weeding out some duplicates from my shelves.

11-27-2012, 04:40 PM
All books are in as-new condition. Being duplicates, they haven't been read. Feel free to make offers. Shipping charged at whatever it costs me to send you the books.


Blood Splattered and Politically Incorrect (CD, 2010) - $10. Stories by Del James, Brian Keene, Thomas F. Monteleone and Lee Thomas.


The Back of Beyond, by Alan Peter Ryan (CD, 2011) - $10.

Unsigned hardcovers

Night Cage, by Andrew Harper aka Douglas Clegg (CD 2009) - $25. This printing was limited to the number of copies pre-ordered by customers.

Signed hardcovers

Vampyrrhic Rites, by Simon Clark (CD 2008) - $20, one of 1,000 signed copies.

Project Moonbase and others, by Robert A. Heinlein, (Sub Press 2008) - $75, #630/750, signed by Bob Eggleton and John Scalzi.

Last Exit for the Lost, by Tim Lebbon (CD 2010) - $25, one of 1,500 signed copies.

Until She Sleeps, by Tim Lebbon (CD 2001) - $25, one of 1,000 signed copies.

The Other End, by John Shirley (CD 2007) - $25, one of 1,000 signed copies.